At With Grace and Gold we create elevated, legacy-driven brands and Showit web designs that are an extension of your expertise — through a process that cultivates mutual trust, empowers you to grow your business, and reflects the elevated experience you give your clients.

Established in 2014, honored as Showit Designer of the Year, and recognized for our clear process, streamlined communication, and care for your unique business — we’re the professional brand and Showit web designers for creative founders ready for a brand that’s better than they could ever imagine.

Here, discover With Grace and Gold's Small Business Resource Library — a curated collection of trusted resources for your small business success. Links marked with * denote affiliate links for which we may earn a commission for your purchase, at no additional cost to you.

A curated collection of resources for your small business success.

Elevate YOur Brand

For small business owners, having an elevated brand design can make all the difference. Your brand design serves as the visual foundation from which your small business can grow. 

Custom Brand Design by With Grace and Gold

For Brand Design

Showit is a leading web design platform for small businesses. With Grace and Gold excitedly serves clients and customers through elevated Showit web design. Start using Showit today:


For web Design

A one-of-a-kind web design can make all the difference for your small business success. Through elevated, conversion-focused design, grow your small business with purpose.

Showit Web Design

For Web Design

Do you prefer DIY web design? Consider a Showit website template created by With Grace and Gold — completely-customizable, expertly-designed Showit website templates.

Showit Website Template

For Web Design

Enhance Your Website

Use Shopify's eCommerce features, and embed your Shopify product library within your Showit web design with ease — creating an elevated, streamlined eCommerce experience!

Shopify Buy Button*

For ecommerce

Showcase "social proof" that your products are being purchased or that your newsletter is being subscribed to. Proof creates pop-ups to showcase recent customer purchases or opt-ins.


For Social Proof

Looking for a live chat feature? Drift is a live chat feature you can seamlessly embed within your Showit web design. Provide your customers with quick and easy access to communicate with you!


For Live Chat

Hoping to add a quiz to your website? Interact equips you to create fun, engaging quizzes — and grow your newsletter subscriber list in the process! Create a quiz with ease:


For Quizzes

Elevate Your Email

Google Workspace offers a wide variety of user-friendly resources for small business owners — including a professional email address. Start using Google Workspace for your business:

Google Workspace

For Professional Email

Hoping to create a branded email signature? Honeybook offers a user-friendly email signature generator. Simply enter your business details, and create a beautiful email signature.

Email Signature Generator

For an Email Signature

Was your email read by its recipient? Use Mailtrack to track emails you've sent from Gmail, so you can more accurately follow up with clients or customers you're communicating with.


For Email Tracking

Flodesk is an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop newsletter system. With Flodesk, create beautiful newsletters with visually-stunning features. Receive 50% off your monthly subscription when you use our unique link.


For Newsletter Marketing

Improve Your Brand Visuals

For social media graphics, Pinterest graphics, or everyday marketing, use Canva. Canva is an easy-to-use drag and drop graphic design resource, making graphic design easy.


For Graphic Design

Creative Market offers a library of resources — fonts, patterns, textures, stock photography, mock-ups, and more. Use Creative Market to mock-up designs creatively.

Creative Market*

For Design Assets

Like Creative Market, Envato offers a library of resources for creative projects. PlaceIt by Envato can be used to help create mockups and other graphic design resources.


For Design Assets

Social Squares is a monthly stock photography subscription. With a wide array of stock photos, in a wide array of styles, use Social Squares to supplement your projects or marketing.

Social Squares

For Stock Photography

Start a Podcast

Anchor is our go-to system for podcasting. The Brand It, Build It Podcast is created and edited with Anchor and distributed to all podcast providers like Apple and Spotify. Anchor offers social media marketing resources, too!


For Podcast Hosting

For crisp, clear sound quality, choose the Blue Yeti Microphone for your podcasting. With a variety of settings, the Blue Yeti Microphone will equip you to create a professional podcast.

Blue Yeti Microphone

For Podcast Recording

To receive more in-depth information about your podcast — how it's performing, where it's being listened to, and which charts it has been featured on — choose Chartable!


For Podcast Analysis

Do you find yourself speaking too quickly or too slowly? Or, would you like quick access to a sound clip editor? Audio Speed Changer by 123 Apps is a quick and easy way to adjust your audio.

123 Apps

For Podcast Editing

Manage Your Projects

17Hats can be used for client contracts, payment plans, questionnaires, bookkeeping, and more. 17Hats offers workflows to help you run your business smoothly and professionally!


For Project Management

Basecamp is a recommended project management system for teams. With its' strong collaborative features, Basecamp can be used to strengthen your team from the inside out.


For Project Management

Dubsado is a recommended project management system. Dubsado can be used for client contracts, payment plans, questionnaires, and more. Run your business with ease:


For Project Management

Market Your Business

Use Planoly to visually plan and schedule your Instagram posts with ease. With user-friendly features, Instagram posts, carousels, and stories can be scheduled with ease.


For Instagram Scheduling

Use Tailwind to visually plan and schedule your Pinterest pins with ease. Market your business in a user-friendly, time-saving way using Tailwind's innovative scheduling features.


For Pinterest Scheduling

Use Planable to schedule Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn posts. With a user-friendly design and the ability to schedule one post across several platforms, Planable is a robust system.


For Social Scheduling