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Award-Winning Brand and Web Design since 2014

Since 2014, With Grace and Gold has created elevated, luxurious, results-driven brands and web designs for more than 3500 small businesses worldwide. 

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3500+ Businesses Served
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With Grace and Gold®

We had a vision for a small business that would be a life-giving experience for all involved, inspiring others to create healthy boundaries, raise their prices to work with only the best clients, and construct possibilities they never thought possible.

With our award-winning design expertise and background in business education combined, we founded our company in 2014.

With Grace and Gold® is not only our company name, but also our email signature — a phrase formed with the belief that life should be lived with simple elegance, goodwill, and a zeal for that which is precious — time with those we love.

It’s why we practice and preach serving clients well but also creating the kind of life you want to lead outside of work hours — whether that means creating a place you're excited to call home, traveling the world, or simply spending time with people you love.

All these years later, we consider ourselves sisters, one another’s loved ones as family, and this business as our legacy. We don’t see our work as simply creating design assets; our clients' success matters deeply to us.

We pour a great deal of heart, purpose, and strategy into every design we create, treating each business we serve like our own.

We’ve seen first-hand how the right design can raise the bar in your business and help you see next-level success — and it's our clients' shared passion for growth that drives us each day. We look forward to the hopeful opportunity of creating a purpose-driven brand and web design for you.

Over a decade ago, an award-winning designer, Andra Barkey, and business educator, Kelly Zugay, met by chance in a coffee shop. We formed a fast friendship, bonding over our shared desire to create a business in service of others — to honor our gifts while leaving space for life balance.

About Our Team

Andra Barkey and Kelly Zugay

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Hire With Grace and Gold for Custom Brand and Web Design — an award-winning design experience for creative founders ready for meaningful growth.

Custom Brand and Web Design

Offerings so carefully-crafted, you never have to wonder what’s coming next — but instead, simply delight in what unfolds.

How We'll Help You Grow Your Business

How can we serve you?

What sets With Grace and Gold apart? Our expert-blend of beautiful design and strategic design. A majority of our clients double — and even triple — their revenue following our design process.

Results-Driven Design; Blending Beauty with Strategy

Our design process is collaborative and engaging — ensuring your vision and voice are valued, and you'll come away with a brand and web design you love and feel proud of. 

Communication, Collaboration, and an Engaging Experience

Our award-winning design process is beloved — and has been successfully journeyed through — by 3500+ clients over the past decade.

A Streamlined, Efficient, and Seamless Design Process

We deeply value timely, kind, and professional communication — and we confidently guarantee speedy communication every step of the way.

Timely, Kind, and Professional Communication

Recognized for our seamless process, kindhearted communication, and care for your unique business — we equip small businesses to multiply their revenue and expand their reach through professional brand and web design.


The With Grace and Gold

Our Core Values

Shop a collection of expertly-designed, conversion-focused, completely-customizable, award-winning Showit website templates for creative small businesses.

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Showit Website Templates

An engaging, collaborative, award-winning brand and web design experience to equip you to multiply your revenue, expand your reach, and grow your business with confidence.

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