12-16 Weeks

Design Process Length

18 Payments of $500

18-Month Payment Plan


Total Investment


We are passionate about your success as you move forward. That's why, at the conclusion of our design process, you'll be equipped with a personally-created Showit Training Video to ensure you can quickly and confidently make desired updates to your web design. Further, our personally-created WordPress Training Video equips you to blog with Search Engine Optimization in mind. 

  • Showit Training Video
  • WordPress Training Video

Resources for Continued Success


Better ensure your small business will be effortlessly discovered organically by your preferred clients via search engines like Google. With Grace and Gold will provide foundational Search Engine Optimization through:

  • SEO Tags for Photography
  • SEO Tags for Copywriting
  • SEO Page Titles
  • SEO Page Descriptions

Search Engine Optimization


Prepare your small business for meaningful growth and success with a forward-thinking, expertly-designed Showit web design and WordPress blog created by With Grace and Gold — Showit Designers of the Year, and leading, trusted Showit Design Partners with over a decade of experience creating truly-luxury, connection-driven, one-of-a-kind web designs. 

  • Custom Showit Web Design
  • Custom WordPress Blog Design

Custom Showit Web Design

Web Design

Come away with a professional, truly-expert, comprehensive custom brand design to communicate your one-of-a-kind expertise and approach — a strong, purpose-driven, connection-focused visual foundation for your business.

  • Primary Logo Design
  • Secondary Logo Designs
  • Pattern, Color Palette, and Typography Selections
  • Brand Manual

Custom Brand Design

Brand Design

We'll build a strong, meaningful, and long-lasting foundation for your one-of-a-kind brand and web design. Complete our provided Brand Discovery Questionnaire, attend a personal, comprehensive Brand Discovery Meeting via Zoom, and come away with a Brand Discovery Presentation to lay a foundation for your success. 

  • Brand Discovery Questionnaire
  • Brand Discovery Meeting
  • Brand Discovery Presentation

Brand Discovery


Brand Discovery

What You'll Receive

You deserve to be seen not only as an expert but also as a person — to experience full trust in your brand and web designer and to see your expertise transformed into a brand and web design reflective of the elevated experience you give your clients. At With Grace and Gold, this is where our expertise lies. 

Blending beautiful design with strategic design, With Grace and Gold's Custom Brand and Web Design Experience focuses on the details and touchpoints that will make your brand and web design elevated — so you can effortlessly and meaningfully connect with your best clients and begin a new season of purpose in your business.

Our style is your style – modern, elevated, goal-focused, and reflective of the experience you give your clients. Our Portfolio displays a curated collection of designs that are completely-unique reflections of the incredible business owners we’re proud to call our clients.

Following our award-winning, seamless, engaging, and results-driven design process together, you’ll come away with a professional, truly-expert brand design to seamlessly connect with your preferred clients— and a forward-thinking, expertly-designed Showit web design that is uniquely reflective of your expertise and sets your business apart in all the right ways.

About The Experience

Custom Brand and Web Design Experience

Custom Brand and Web Design for Small Businesses

Come away with a completely-unique, purpose-driven brand and web design — reflective of you, your approach, and your goals; a beautiful, strategy-driven, and forward-thinking brand and web design created for your long-term growth and success.


Your Brand and Web Design can be both

— Gillie Bird, Past Client

"Thank you so much for such a wonderful design experience; my website is incredible, and I feel so much more confident in my work and my client experience! I've raised my prices, and I'm seeing incredible engagement in my Google Analytics. You two are the best of the best, truly!"

"I've raised my prices, and I'm seeing incredible engagement!"

— Jennifer Fox, Past Client

"With Grace and Gold is encouraging, professional, responsive, creative, and passionate. They listened to my design needs, concerns, aesthetic — and exceeded my standards! If you're on the fence about hiring a brand and web designer, their track record speaks for itself. Best decision I've ever made!"

"Their track record speaks for itself. Best decision I've ever made."

— Valerie Strenk, Past Client

"Working with With Grace and Gold has been one of the best investments I have ever made in my business. Not only is this team incredibly organized and knowledgable, but they are so talented. I have an incredible website I am so proud of, and it will yield the results I have been planning for!"

"One of the best investments I have ever made in my business."

"The most thoughtful, easy-to-navigate process I've ever experienced."

— Megan Kawahara, Past Client

"The whole process was beyond smooth. They are punctual, professional, and SO very good at what they do. Their skill for design is impeccable. Their entire experience is the most thoughtful, detailed, easy to navigate process I've ever experienced. I finally feel so proud to put my work on display."

beloved by our 3500+ past clients.
An award-winning design experience

Award-Winning, Luxury Brand and Web Design Since 2014

Journey through a seamless, stress-free launch process and prepare to share your beautiful new brand and web design. Using our expertly-designed resources, use your new brand design confidently and update your new web design with ease.

Step 6: Debut Your New Brand and Web Design

Receive your final files — a comprehensive collection of all approved brand elements, along with resources to help you confidently and seamlessly apply your new brand design to all facets of your business.

Step 5: Receive Your Final Files

Receive, review, provide feedback on or approve of your web design — a beautifully-branded, connection-focused, experience-driven web design uniquely-created to equip you to seamlessly connect with your preferred clients with ease.

Step 4: Receive and Review Your Web Design

Receive, review, provide feedback on or approve of your brand design — a cohesive collection of brand elements made up of your primary logo design, secondary logo designs, pattern or texture designs, color palette selection, and font style selection.

Step 3: Receive and Review Your Brand Design

Meet with Kelly and Andra to officially begin our 12-16 week design process and to review our proposed Brand Discovery presentation — a detailed presentation designed to solidify our recommended, expert approach to your one-of-a-kind brand and web design.

Step 2: Meet for Our Brand Discovery Meeting

Seamlessly share your unique vision, goals, and preferences through your provided Brand Discovery Questionnaire — and provide your desired photography and copywriting in your provided Shared Folder.

Step 1: Complete Your Questionnaire and Shared Folder

Over our decade in business, we’ve perfected a streamlined process to support and guide you as you entrust your project to us — design professionals who have served thousands of wedding professionals through brand and web design. Our design process is crafted intentionally, so you never have to wonder what’s coming next — but simply delight in what unfolds.

Never wonder what's coming next.

Our Award-Winning Design Process

Simply delight in what unfolds.

Since 2014, With Grace and Gold has created elevated, luxurious, results-driven brands and web designs for more than 3500 small businesses worldwide. 

Showit Design Partner

Showit Designer of the Year

3500+ Businesses Served
Over a Decade in Business

With Grace and Gold®

your website should attract your best clients.
It's not just about booking more clients;

Award-Winning, Luxury Brand and Web Design Since 2014

Yes. With Grace and Gold will provide a personalized Showit Training Video, a WordPress Training Video, and additional educational resources to ensure you can confidently use, update, and maintain your web design in the years to come. We are extremely passionate about your success and confidence not only during our design process — but also following our design process.

Can I make updates or changes in the future?

On average, With Grace and Gold's Custom Brand and Web Design Experience is approximately 12-16 weeks from Step 2: Brand Discovery Meeting. With Grace and Gold works carefully, yet efficiently, following an award-winning, tried-and-true design process beloved by thousands of With Grace and Gold's past clients. Therefore, a timely design process truly depends upon your timely communication along the way.

How long can I expect my design process to be?

No; With Grace and Gold offers solely brand design and web design. To ensure connection-driven copywriting is curated for your web design, With Grace and Gold provides a comprehensive copywriting document with questions and prompts to seamlessly guide you through the copywriting process. A majority of With Grace and Gold's clients compose their own copywriting using With Grace and Gold's copywriting document — while others choose to hire one of With Grace and Gold's recommended copywriters, provided upon booking. 

Is copywriting included?

Yes; an 18-month payment plan is available. Your Investment will be divided equally among a 18-month payment plan — with no additional taxes or fees. Your payment plan is separate from your Experience — which means your design process will conclude, you will receive all of your brand and web design deliverables, and you will celebrate the debut of your new brand and web design — and your payment plan will continue on in the months to follow. 

Are payment plans available?

To experience a successful design process, clients of With Grace and Gold should be timely — but not rushed — excited to engage in an expertly-designed, step-by-step process, provide kindhearted communication, and value With Grace and Gold's decade of design expertise. Since 2014, With Grace and Gold has excitedly served thousands of small business owners through elevated brands and Showit web designs — with an award-winning approach that cultivates mutual trust and empowers you to grow.

What ensures a successful design process?

Your purpose-driven, conversion-focused brand and web design will be completely one-of-a-kind — created from a completely-blank canvas and expertly-aligned with the preferences, vision, and goals you share with us during our detailed, collaborative, and engaging design process. 

Will my web design be one-of-a-kind — or will it be based on a template?

Yes. With over a decade of design experience and expertise — coupled with a personal, detailed design process — brands and web designs created by With Grace and Gold are goal-focused and elevated with unmatched quality. With Grace and Gold will expertly design in any style — light and airy, deep and emotive, bold and modern, fun and quirky, colorful and bright. Your brand and web design will be created from a completely-blank canvas and will be completely one-of-a-kind.

Can With Grace and Gold design in my aesthetic?

Not many design businesses can say they’ve served thousands of creative businesses worldwide — or that their award-winning brand and web design process has helped diverse clients from all over the world multiply their revenue. When you choose With Grace and Gold, you’re choosing a design team that will not only guide you through a well-rounded, organized, and streamlined design process — but will also give you the best possible end result. By choosing With Grace and Gold, you are receiving the best of brand and web design.

What sets With Grace and Gold apart from other designers?

Since 2014, With Grace and Gold has proudly served thousands of diverse small businesses worldwide through our Custom Brand and Web Design Experience. For the small business owners and creative founders we serve, we go beyond creating brands and web designs that merely live out their purpose — we create experiences that build connection, create rapport, and cultivate a highly-professional online presence for your business. Successful clients of With Grace and Gold are those who are ready to experience a purpose-driven season of business growth.

What types of businesses does With Grace and Gold serve?

As both a trusted Showit Design Partner and Showit Designer of the Year with over a decade in business, With Grace and Gold has proudly served thousands of businesses through our Custom Brand and Web Design Experience. Our proven, award-winning process is beloved by our thousands of past clients — all of whom have successfully and seamlessly journeyed through this very Experience. Equipped with a visual foundation for growth and success, With Grace and Gold's clients have doubled and tripled their revenue following their Experience.

Why should I choose With Grace and Gold?

Prepare to journey through an award-winning design process, beloved by With Grace and Gold's thousands of past clients. Below, discover a curated collection of commonly-asked questions.

Commonly-Asked Questions


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